UTSC Constitution


Founded 4 December 1970 As amended, 9 October 2013

Article I. Organization

Section 1.01 Name

  • The name of this organization shall be the University of Texas Sailing Club.

Section 1.02 Purpose

  • To educate and train Longhorn students to be safe, skilled, and responsible sailors in order to fully enjoy the sport of sailing and to be contributing members of the sailing community.

Article II. Membership

Section 2.01 Membership-

  • Membership is open to all current faculty, staff, and students at the University of Texas at Austin.

Section 2.02 Refunds of Membership Dues-

  • Due to the recreational nature of the club, dues shall not be refunded.

Article III. Officers

Section 3.01 Positions-

(a) The elected o›fficers shall be: Commodore, Vice-Commodore, Treasurer, Secretary, Maintenance Officer, Instructor, and Safety Officer.

(b) Additional officers, who may be elected if the board determines a need, are: a second Vice-Commodore, one or more additional Maintenance Officers, Windsurfing Coordinator, and one or more Special Events Coordinators.

Section 3.02 Voting-

  • Each individual Executive Board member will have one vote. The Executive Board shall always have an odd number of members.

Section 3.03 Recall-

  • An officer may be recalled at any time by a majority vote of the Executive Board or by ten members. A written statement of recall must be presented in writing one week prior to the recall to an officer, who must immediately inform the concerned officer. Recalled officers will be replaced by a special election to be held at the first general meeting following the recall, or by appointment by the Executive Board.

Section 3.04 Eligibility-

  • Any member in good standing may run for an officer position.

Article IV. Elections

Section 4.01 Election meetings-

  • Elections shall be held at the April general meeting or electronically at the end of the Spring semester, or when necessary to fill vacant offices.

Section 4.02 Nomination

  • Nominations for candidacy shall be made via electronic mail to the standing commodore.  The Executive Board shall review all nominations and present nominees for ratification by the general membership.

Section 4.03 End of term

  • All officer terms expire at the end of the summer term.  New officers become official Club representatives at the beginning of the fall semester, or when the office becomes vacant. Officers elected to fill a vacancy take office upon election or when the vacancy arises, whichever is later.

Article V. Meetings

Section 5.01 General meetings-

  • General meetings may be held at the board’s discretion. Novice training classes will be scheduled at that time, with the frequency of classes determined by the Executive Board.

Section 5.02 Special meetings-

  • Special meetings may be called by the Commodore at any time, given reasonable advance notice.

Section 5.03 Executive Board meetings-

  • Executive Board meetings are to be announced. Any member may attend Executive Board meetings.

Section 5.04 Emergency meetings-

  • Emergency meetings of the Executive Board may be called at any time for the discussion of emergency situations affecting The Club.

Article VI. Summer program

Section 6.01 Election-

  • The summer program shall be operated in the same manner as the regular fall and spring programs. Officers not present during the summer term may be temporarily replaced at the May general meeting, using normal election procedures; the announcement requirements may be waived.

Article VII. Bylaws

Section 7.01 Proposal-

  • Bylaws may be proposed by the Executive Board or by ten members present at a general Club meeting. These proposals must be presented at least one meeting before they may be adopted, and must be available in writing for inspection.

Section 7.02 Scope-

  • Bylaws will include descriptions of officer duties, budget procedures, and Club regulations.

Article VIII. The Executive Board

Section 8.01 Composition-

  • The Executive Board shall be composed of the Commodore, Treasurer and Maintenance Officer.  The Executive board may increase membership of the board to other officers in good standing, so long as an odd number of members is maintained.

Section 8.02 Authority-

  • The Executive Board shall have charge over all general business, policies, and coordination of The Club, including the:

(a) Creation of committees

(b) Recall of officers

(c) Establishment of the time and frequency of meetings

(d) Design of the budget

(e) Suspension or revocation of membership (by a two-thirds vote)

(f) Revocation of a member’s rank (by a two-thirds vote)

(g) Fixing of fees, including dues and initiation

(h) Determining of negligence and/or damage fees

Section 8.03 Quorum-

  • A quorum shall consist of an odd number of voting officers.

Section 8.04 Voting-

  • Except as otherwise specified, decisions of the Executive Board shall be by simple majority vote, provided a quorum is present.

Section 8.05 Agenda-

  • The Commodore shall direct Executive Board meetings and shall be empowered to set the agenda.

Section 8.06 Other powers-

  • Where not explicitly stated in this document or in the Bylaws, the Executive Board shall have the right to do whatever it deems necessary and proper in accordance with the purpose of The Club.

Article IX. Amendments

Section 9.01 Proposal-

  • Amendments may be proposed by a majority votes of the Executive Board or by no less than ten club members. Proposed amendments must be read to the members one meeting in advance and be available in writing for inspection at least one week before the adoption vote.–-

Section 9.02 Adoption-

  • Amendments must be adopted by a two-thirds vote of the members present at a general or special meeting.

Article X. Ratification

Section 10.01 Ratification-

  • This shall go into effect after approval by an electronic vote of two-thirds of the members in good standing.