UTSC Bylaws


As amended, 9 October 2013

Article I. Officers

Section 1.01 Duties-

(a) Commodore – President of the club, liaison with the Austin Yacht Club, coordinator of club events, presides at meetings

(b) Vice-Commodore – Coordinates membership drives including any related activities, handles club acquisitions, and helps with fundraising drives

(c) Secretary – Maintains member database and records checkouts, sends out weekly email, updates website

(d) Treasurer – Maintains club finances and handles reimbursements, helps coordinate membership drives and applications processing

(e) Sailing Instructor – Takes the AYC Sailing Instructor Course, responsible for check outs and coordinating sail instruction

(f) Maintenance Officer – Maintenance chairperson, supervises and coordinates all maintenance operations

(g) Social Chair – Social chairperson, coordinates special events, and plans semester camping trip

Section 1.02 Restrictions-

  • An officer may hold more than one position, provided that the same person shall not hold more than one of the following positions: Commodore, Treasurer, or Maintenance Officer.

Section 1.03 Attendance Requirements-

  • Officers missing more than two meetings without prior notice per semester will result in automatic recall notice of the officer at the second missed meeting. Prior notice entails contacting either the electronic mailing list or one of Commodore, Maintenance, or Treasurer officers before the meeting.

Article II. Regulations

Section 2.01

  • Every person must follow all laws and regulations concerning personal flotation devices (PFDs) and safety equipment. In addition to these regulations, all persons must wear life jackets when weather conditions require it, along with any guest who is not comfortable swimming.

Section 2.02

  • Consumption of alcoholic beverages on any club boat and during any club activities while on the grounds of the Austin Yacht Club is prohibited.

Section 2.03

  • Sailing after dark is prohibited, unless sanctioned by the Executive Board.

    • (a) Those checked out on keelboats may sail keelboats at night, after receiving Board approval for unlimited night sailing.

    • (b) Proper lights must be displayed during all night sailing activities and while anchored.

Section 2.04

  • Every member is financially responsible for the loss, destruction, misuse, or abuse of club property. If, in the opinion of the Executive Board, neglect, poor seamanship, or irresponsible behavior of any kind results in damage to club property, assessments may be made accordingly.

Section 2.05

  • It is the responsibility of each member to return all gear to its proper storage place after sailing.

Section 2.06

  • Marina rules must be followed.

Section 2.07

  • The sustained wind speed limit for sailing club equipment is 20 miles per hour.

    • (a) The sustained wind speed limit for keelboats and windsurf equipment is 30 miles per hour.

    • (b) These limits may be reduced for specific equipment by the Maintenance Officer.

Article III. Budget Procedures

Section 3.01

  • The preparation of the budget is the responsibility of the Treasurer. The budget must be presented to and approved by the Executive Board at the third week of each semester.

Section 3.02

  • The budget may be modified during the semester as deemed necessary by the Executive Board.

Article IV. Advancement in Boat Checkouts

Section 4.01

  • Checkouts are sunfish, laser, C15, multi-hull and keelboat.

Section 4.02

  • Checkouts must be achieved in order stated above, except for multi-hull and keelboat, which may be concurrent.

Section 4.03

  • Members acquire checkouts by demonstrating the required maneuvers for the on-the-water test:

    • (a) Rig and de-rig the boat

    • (b) Sail on all points of sail

    • (c) Tack and jibe. At least two of each must be performed.

    • (d) Right the craft properly from the fully inverted position after a capsize.

    • (e) Rescue a sailor who has fallen overboard

    • (f) Launch and land correctly

    • (g) Hike out fully or captain the boat with crew on trapeze (if applicable)

Section 4.04

  • Checkouts may be granted by current members in good standing who hold a checkout one (1) level above the checkout being granted.

○   Keelboat checkouts must be granted by a member of the executive committee who holds a current keelboat checkout.

Section 4.05

  • Members must perform one (1) day of maintenance per semester per checkout level attained

○   For example, a sunfish checkout requires one maintenance day per semester, a keelboat checkout requires four.

Section 4.06

  • Checkouts may be revoked if dangerous or reckless behavior is observed or reported or if equipment is damaged beyond normal wear and tear.

Section 4.07

  • Checkout may be reinstated after the member completes additional maintenance on club equipment and by majority vote of the Executive Board.

Article V. Miscellanea

Section 5.01

  • A majority vote of the members present at a general club meeting shall be superior to any action of the Board, provided that at least one-half of the total membership is present.